If to compare

If to compare Kilogram dried cepes it is nearly kg of meat, kg of fish, kg of potatoes.

Mushrooms contain salts of copper, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, B, S, RR, pantothenic acid.

If to compare mushrooms on nutritional value, it is possible to establish that it is more in total proteins in cepes, fat in aspen mushrooms about %, and carbohydrates in modest honey agarics.

In slippery jacks, contrary to their name, it is not enough fat only ,%; they concede in it not only to cepes, but also chanterelles, to saffron milk caps and even russulas.

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Undoubtedly, so radical, the system

Undoubtedly, so radical, the system This procedure is desirable in each stage and on each extent of education, in particular in stages early here it is least tested and, is most difficult.

Undoubtedly, so radical, the system as system of so it is clear outlined, so in details developed zhi Montessori, will give to comparative studying of methods of preschool education new material of the exclusive importance.

Without accepting all details of this system, without accepting without reservations even her main the principles, all of us welcome its huge and direct value.

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The good

The good Let's talk about preschool children.

The good preschool program before believes a rhythm of school day in which there is a place and for the organized group occupations, and for games.

Group occupations are short children in it age can concentrate only for short time, and are instructed on one at most on two, as ability to keep children in mind difficult instructions or multiplepass schemes it is not developed.

Materials are given; it is not supposed selforganization.

Good teachers want that children cleaned up, but understand that have to be near to prompt or remind them of it.

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Except that, this

Except that, this Potatoes are very rich with starch, are a valuable source of vitamins C, B, R groups, carotene, antiulcer vitamin U.

Half of the necessary to vitamin C dose organism the adult receives with potatoes.

Except that, this vegetable contains salts of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, organic acids; possesses the antibacterial properties applied, for example, at treatment of acute respiratory diseases by means of steam inhalation potatoes in a uniform.

In baby food mashed potatoes are used with first year of life.

Young boiled potatoes are most useful.

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At all ease

At all ease The child before starting telling, originally a bessozn telno it podgotovlyatsya to this act, improving the psychomuscular mechanism managing joint of sounds.

In this case the child makes almost the same; but straight line pedagogical help and almost material preparation of movements of the letter, much more simple and rough compared with the articulate speech, develop the graphic speech quicker and more stoutly, than it is correct to tell ability.

At all ease of this preparation, it not partial, and the full.

The child possesses all movements necessary for the letter.

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